Neighborhood Safety Meetings


Neighborhood Safety Meetings are essentially strategy sessions between local cops and the people they serve.  They will vary broadly in size, but will always have two simple goals:  identify the public safety challenges of your specific neighborhood – big or small, and discuss potential solutions.


It’s important that you locate and attend the meeting in your neighborhood!  These will be discussions about specific safety and policing challenges facing your neighborhood – not the entire city.  The strength of the conversation and solutions defined will depend on who attends and the collaborative ideas shared for resolution or progress on any given issue.


These meetings are merely one important step to improve trust, collaboration and safety through Neighborhood Policing.  It is an effort that can only succeed with the buy-in of all New Yorkers committed to using these opportunities to champion public safety, accountability, and collaborative problem solving with the individual cops serving their community.



Neighborhood Policing is the new direction of the NYPD, and the inspiration behind a new deployment model being implemented throughout the city, precinct by precinct. Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs) are already assigned in over half of New York’s precincts.  They aren’t the only officers serving your area, but they are leading the coordination of policing services and problem solving in your sector.  If you live in a precinct that has already incorporated the neighborhood policing deployment model, we hope you will attend Neighborhood Safety meetings and get to know your cops.  If your precinct hasn’t yet been assigned NCOs,  we hope you will sign up for email updates as the model expands.


Here’s what Neighborhood Policing means for you:



Under Neighborhood Policing, Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs) work every day in specific neighborhoods rather than being deployed in different spots around the city. This lets New Yorkers get to know their cops, and helps officers get to know the people, the challenges, and what it takes to make everyone in their neighborhood feel safe over time.


Neighborhood Policing ensures that NCOs and all officers spend significant time ‘off the radio,’ not simply racing from emergency to emergency. This gives officers more time to learn about and address problems in the neighborhood – and to work with community members toward collaborative and creative solutions.


Neighborhood Policing helps officers fight crime, while also finding ways to defuse and solve problems by engaging in collaborative problem solving with the people of their community.

“Ultimately how you’re perceived and evaluated by this department and by all New Yorkers is up to you. What counts more than anything is your character and your professionalism and how you all handle the challenges you face…  And something else – how strong will the bonds be that you forge with those who live and work in your neighborhoods? Because it’s those connections that will help you become successful police officers. We can’t do this alone, and we don’t do this alone.”

-Commissioner James O’Neill to NYPD Academy Graduates, March 2017